Regular Maintenance for your Air Compressor – What to check?

Whether you have a rotary screw air compressor, piston/reciprocating compressor, or any other type of compressor – servicing and regular maintenance are vital to keep your system up and running. Periodic repairs and maintenance are crucial for your air compressor. So, when exactly should you service your air compressor and what should you be looking for?

Your air compressor should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines but a good general rule of thumb is to have your oil sampled and changed. Oil sampling is like a blood test for your air compressor. It’ll indicate any issues that can become costly problems in the future. It is one of the most overlooked procedures but individuals don’t realize how imperative this procedure is to maintain good air quality.

Every manufacturer has their own requirements of when air compressors should be serviced. 

Clean and replace any filters when needed. It is extremely important to have clean filters in your system to avoid contamination in your air. 

You should check oil levels, inspect any air or oil leaks, and drain the water from the tank. Listen for any odd noises when the system is running. Inspect for any air leaks. Inspect belts, check the safety relief valve. Check the belts if necessary and tight all the bolts and screws. Check the connections 

If your air compressor is not maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you could risk losing the warranty on your air compressor. Read more about this here: Warranty Voided