Gun Manufacturer Learns Tough Lesson

We have an awesome customer in the gun manufacturing industry. Most of the folks at our company are gun advocates, hunters, and enthusiasts, so this customer is someone we get excited about working with. A few years back we replaced his old Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressor with a Kaishan rotary screw. While replacing the unit we encouraged this customer to invest in a backup compressor.  At the time the business was newer and coming up with the additional cash to make the purchase would be nearly impossible.  Over the past few years the customer has been doing an excellent job keeping up with the preventative maintenance – and we have been able to reduce their downtime by 88% on average. Unfortunately like most machines, air compressors will fail at some point. On a hot July day our customer called us in a panic – as feared their compressor was down. Our legendary service team averages an industry best 2 hour response time and that day was no different. Unfortunately the part needed was a rare proprietary part for their air compressor and the lead time was 48 hours. We were able to install a rental compressor but they still had to endure about 8 hours of unscheduled downtime that day. 

In the end they lost approximately $55,000 in production for 8 lost hours – plus that added expense of a rental compressor and fuel.  A backup compressor cost $17,000 installed. That was a tough lesson. The very next day the customer issued a purchase order for the new unit. Since that time they have not had any downtime and have continued to be a loyal customer.  Please invest in a backup compressor before it’s too late.