Quincy Compressor vs. Hertz Kompressoren

We have a great manufacturing customer in Atlanta, GA that has been running an old Quincy QSI-500 rotary screw air compressor for many years. It’s not surprising how long the Quicy air compressor lasted our customer since Quincy is known for its durable air compressors. However, Quincy Compressor was purchased by Atlas Copco in 2009 and Atlas Copco has made a lot of changes to the Quincy QSI design. Not that these changes haven’t been for the better but this did cause some skepticism in our customer’s mind about purchasing a new Quincy Compressor. 

Here’s some back story on Quincy – After the idea of a vacuum pump by 3 bright employees at a company wasn’t entertained, these three decided to start their own venture and manufacture the vacuum pump. This vacuum pump was designed to milk cows but soon the company was expanding in every aspect including product lines. They got into the air compressor manufacturing line and it took off really quickly. Soon they were manufacturing more air compressors than they could imagine. The demand kept increasing and with that, so did their production. They became one of the most well known brands for air compressors. Quincy Compressor also explored numerous other markets and continued to grow as a company worldwide. It wasn’t until 2009 when Atlas Copco, another major player in the air compressor manufacturing industry, bought Quincy Compressor but kept their identity. They still deliver what Quincy Compressor originally promised to deliver – uncompromising reliability and performance, customized for the most demanding applications.

Our customer wasn’t fully convinced that replacing his old Quincy with a new style Quincy was his best option so we came in and did what we do best. Presented our customer with all options that made the most sense for their manufacturing business. 

Along with the new Quincy, we also recommend another great rotary screw air compressor made by Hertz Kompressoren based out of Charlotte, NC. Hertz Kompressoren is one of the leading air compressor manufacturers in the world. It was founded in Germany with the aim of  manufacturing air compressors with a high level of German engineering. We have sold hundreds of Hertz air compressors and we have been extremely happy with their reliability and low cost of ownership. Unlike Quincy, Hertz Kompressoren is CAGI verified to ensure accurate energy efficiency ratings.

It’s a big deal to be CAGI verified in today’s competitive market. CAGI stands for Compressed Air & Gas Institute and it’s one of the most reputable sources for unbiased information on air compressors. CAGI offers in depth information about technical, educational, promotional, and other matters that affect the industry. 

After comparing the two options, our manufacturing customer agreed to purchase the Hertz compressor. We also saw some problem areas with the piping in his air distribution system. We provided the customer with some suggestions backed with data of why certain changes would prove to be beneficial. After careful analysis, the manufacturing plant also agreed to a re-engineering of his compressed air system distribution system to optimize pressure drop and ensure consistent production. 

We believe that the re-engineering of his compressed air system was definitely the cherry on top of the cake. Our customer now owned another great air compressor that is more energy-efficient compared to the old Quincy air compressor but 

So, was this project successful? Absolutely! Once the work was completed the customer made it a point to reach out to us and commend us for our work. He said  “our production has never run as smoothly as it does now.  On top of that our electrical bills have been reduced by over 20%. The energy savings alone will pay for the compressor and piping system in less than 2 years. We are very grateful for your company’s professional recommendations”.  

Our purpose is to provide peace of mind. Reliable compressed air systems is one of the many ways we fulfill our purpose. Contact us today to upgrade or replace your existing rotary screw compressed air system.