Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Atlanta Compressor Has Been Outfitting Georgia's Largest Companies With The Compressed Air Systems For Many Years. We're Experts At Knowing Just What Your Business Needs To Get The Best Production For The Best Price. Let Us Engineer Your New System To Ensure You Have Decades Of Trouble-Free Operation.

Rotary screw air compressors remarkable design gives them the ability to produce a strong and continuous air flow at a 100% duty cycle which is why they’re considered ideal for commercial and industrial users. But what does this mean for you? It means that you will be guaranteed a strong air-flow without any need for you to stop due to overheating. Rotary screws are also a lot quieter, yet another reason which makes them desirable for noise polluted environments where every decibel makes a difference. Additionally, rotary screws are more energy efficient, have a longer lifespan, and due to their compact design, they allow you to haul more materials, tools, and equipment in fewer trips. If your needs demand long periods of continuous air flow, we would definitely recommend rotary screws. They are more expensive upfront and require skilled maintenance but it’ll help maximize your efficiency which will result in increased profitability.

Hertz Rotary Screw Air Compressors

hertz hbd-22-foto-ka-2_op

Hertz HBD Series

HERTZ HBD series compressors are used safely in all applications of small and medium sized businesses thanks to their high performance in operation.

Its service friendly compact structure speeds up your work and minimizes downtime.

Compact, small footprint, easy to service Air tank suitable to ASME standard
UL Certified electrical component cabinet
All air and oil tanks comply with ASME standards

hertz hdd-37-foto-ka-2_op

Hertz HDD Series

HERTZ HDD series compressors deliver high performance by reducing the power transfer losses with their directly-coupled motor and screw block. Operation expenses are reduced thanks to usage of the latest generation screw block and motor. Responds to all requirements between 22 and 335 KW.

High performance separation with three-stage design
More efficient separation at lower volume with deeply wrapped, intertwined separation layers
Low amount of oil mist in outlet air ≤ 3 ppm
High-efficiency immersion type separator with long service life
Service friendly oil tank cover

hertz hvd-22-foto-ka-2_op

Hertz HVD Series

HERTZ HVD series variable-speed compressors drive the motor with the frequency converter to adjust the compressor operation speed according to compressed air  requirements and save up to 35% energy. Thanks to its high-quality equipment and excellent engineering in its design, it provides a very efficient and flexible use as per requirements.

Up to 35 % energy saving*
Operation at constant output pressure value
Wide operating pressure range (100-175 psi)
Soft starting
Protection against the adverse effects of peak currents
*When compared with compressors without an inverter for business with variable requirements

Ozen Air Technology Rotary Screw Air Compressors



OASC series screw compressors, with their advanced design and cutting-edge components, provide high performance, efficiency and a reliable compressed air supply.

Thanks to their Poly-V-tech belt-and-pulley connection and NEMA TEFC Premium engine, the high-quality screw group helps save on lifetime costs, while providing high efficiency airflow

The frequency inverter option enables the detection of the plant’s instantaneous air requirement and the adjustment of the engine speed accordingly, saving up to 35% of energy and reducing operating costs.

The Özen Energy Recovery solution makes it possible to utilize the waste heat from the compressor inside the plant. With the wide product range, the right compressed air solution for your needs is always within reach.

Discover all the advantages of the OASC series



The OASC D series direct coupled screw compressor series with frequency inverter is designed to offer high efficiency under the tough conditions of the industry. With its wide range of products, the series offers solutions suitable for the needs of different processes from textile to automotive, and from appliances to the pharmaceutical industry, all of which provide energy savings of up to 35% thanks to the frequency inverter. The innovative design, with the direct connection of the screw block with the electric motor, reduces energy costs. The series, which minimizes the total cost of ownership, ensures that production continues efficiently. Discover all the advantages of the OASC D series…



Ozen Air Technology’s OASC T tank/dryer-mounted rotary screw compressor series was designed with a view to satisfy the air needs of small and mid-size companies such as auto services stations, repair shops, and paint shops and the construction industry.

The OASC T series, which can be configured as needed, can
be mounted on a tank, with or without a dryer. In the tank- mounted model with dryer, the air is cooled down and dried prior to entering the pipeline. The refrigerated dryer helps protect the compressed air system and the equipment from rust and corrosion. The products in the series are easy to install and maintain and they provide reliable and high-quality compressed air. The OASC T series stands out for its energy efficiency, which is superior to piston compressors with similar capacity. A frequency inverter is optional for this series.

Hodge Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Hodge belt drive

Hodge Belt Drive

Main Features

  1. IP54/F insulation level motor
  2. High precision filter element
  3. State of the art control system with features such as remind, record, remove, and monitor
  4. Enhanced safety and protection capabilities
  5. Withstands harsh weather conditions
  6. Low vibration and low noise
Hodge belt drive specs
Hodge Direct Drive

Hodge Direct Drive

Main Features

  1. 1.Oversize air-end
  2. IP54/F insulation level motor
  3. High precision filter element
  4. State of the art control system with features such as remind, record, remove, and monitor
  5. Direct drive,100% energy transmission
  6. Withstands harsh weather conditions
  7. Low vibration and low noise
Hodge Direct Drive specs
Hodge Direct Drive

Hodge Variable Speed

Main Features

  1. IE3 high efficiency permanent magnet motor
  2. Top of the line inverter, significant energy savings
  3. Enhanced color touch screen with optimal user experience
  4. Low vibration and low noise
  5. Withstands harsh weather conditions
two stage

Hodge Two-Stage

Main Features

  1. Two stage air-end increasing the air delivery volume
  2. Top of the line inverter, significant energy savings
  3. IE4 permanent magnet motor designed for increased efficiency
  4. State of the art control system with features such as remind, record, remove, and monitor
  5. Low investment & maintenance cost

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