Incredible Wayfair Piping Job

Wayfair, the huge online retailer, has been a great customer of ours for many years! We manage the air compressors at multiple locations. This particular success story is about us installing 4200 linear feet of pipe with 7 drops. The facility itself is 1.2 million square feet. There aren’t that many facilities around our state with that much pipe but I believe the most impressive part was how fast all of this was done and how com[licated the whole thing was. The technicians were split into two crews, a ground crew and a ceiling crew. Since the piping needed to be done in the ceiling, we had a crew on a lift and the other crew on the ground coordinating to get this piping installed. We used Aircom’s piping for this installation. Aircom is a trusted provider with some of the best air compressor piping we have ever seen. Using Aircom’s piping made our job easier. We could easily slide the fittings onto the pipes and that made it a lot easier for the guy on the scissor lift to connect the pipe to the ceiling. This whole job was completed over the weekend. We started Friday afternoon and the installation was completed by Sunday afternoon which is pretty impressive. The sales team had done a great job of organizing the entire job and engineering the entire project. 

Their Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressor was soon connected to the piping and was up and running efficiently. Their backup reciprocating air compressor which was also an Ingersoll Rand was also connected to the piping in case of any emergencies. What was really smart on Wayfair and our sales team’s end was that the entire project was designed to keep future expansion in mind, which is exactly how all projects should be designed. 

So what exactly does Wayfair use a compressor for that they needed such an extensive system in place? They need it for conveyor belts that carry boxes. The conveyor belt has little flapper leavers pneumatically actuated so that all the packages aren’t accumulated in one place. What does your business do and how can we help you find the best air compressor and piping solution for your needs?