FAQ: The Benefits of Using a Variable Frequency Drive To Control Your Air Compressor

On the fence about installing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in your air compressor system? We strongly suggest you give it a shot because they offer a multitude of benefits to improve your operation’s efficiency and the working life of your electrical components. Here are a few of the benefits:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Traditional compressor setups utilize a direct electrical supply that puts out more than enough energy to power the motor and the rest of the compressor’s functions. Typically, the motor will spin at a continuous speed regardless of the system’s requirements which leads to wasted energy.

If you were to implement a VFD, the energy and speed of the motor are regulated following the demands of your specific application. This ensures that the motor generates only the required energy needed for a particular use without wasting any excess energy from a continuous power supply. This has been shown to result in significant energy savings over time.

Reduced System Downtime

Newer VFDs feature safety protections such as safety torque off and short circuit protection. These features work to eliminate the need for electrical components like motor circuit breakers and contactors which will reduce costs along the whole operation. This also increases system reliability since there are fewer parts to maintain or replace.

Improve the Working Life of Components

With a VFD installed, you will optimize the performance of your motor and the entire air compressor system which reduces stress on the other components of the system. Reduced stress improves the working life of these parts by almost eliminating the unnecessary wear and tear, prolonging maintenance and repairs.

Advanced Capabilities

The VFDs available today have many more built-in capabilities than those from even ten years ago. Drives today are now equipped with advanced sensors that can measure and track a wide variety of variables such as temperature, pressure, or movement which the drives use to automatically adjust the motor speed and power for optimal performance.

Reduced Starting Currents

A VFD can lower the starting current by as much as 80% which puts much less stress on the energy grid and the motors. Additionally, starting torque is unaffected and with less pressure on the electrical system, other electrical components and equipment are at less risk for failure because of reduced energy frequency fluctuations.

VFDs offer many more benefits for your air compressor system than just these mentioned, and the technology is only getting better each year. Consider installing one in your operation, and you’ll be bound to notice the positive impacts quickly.