FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Diesel Portables

Portable air compressors are essential for many jobs and are used extensively in the construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be powered in different ways, the most common being electric and gas-powered.

In this post, we’ll be discussing diesel air compressors, including their operation, who they are intended for, and the benefits they have over their electric, stationary counterparts.

How Do They Work?

An internal diesel motor powers these portable compressors and they work in a similar way to electric compressors. The air inside the chamber of the tank is pressurized either by rotating impellers or by collapsing the air containment chamber, which will force the air to compress in a smaller space. A motor will cycle on and off to maintain a constant level of air pressure within the tank which can then be expensed via a valve to power pneumatic tools to fill up tires.

Who Are They For?

Diesel powered air compressors have many applications, though they are most commonly used on construction sites, during road work operations, and for anyone that needs the functionality of a compressor with the flexibility to take it anywhere.

They are optimal for use during temporary construction projects when equipment must be transported to and from the job site on a daily basis. Portable compressors can be hitched to a tailgate like a trailer and effortlessly towed to the job site, and some models even attach directly to the sides of a utility truck.

Many people will also use diesel compressors as a back-up for their stationary compressors in factories. If the power goes out, just fire up the diesel compressor and keep the work flowing.

Benefits of a Diesel-Powered Portable Compressor

Diesel-powered air compressors can be taken anywhere, which is their most significant benefit over traditional compressors. Regardless of weather conditions, power availability, if the compressor is well-maintained and you have diesel on-hand, you can get the job done.

Diesel-powered compressors are famously known for their reliability and durable construction. They are built to withstand the elements along with bumps along the way since they are usually towed behind a truck when en route to the job site.

Simple to Operate
Portable air compressors are simple to operate with clearly labeled buttons and switches, and give the operator precise control over the power consumption, pressure range, and more. Maintenance is also simple as many portable diesel air compressors feature pneumatic-lift hoods to quickly and easily change parts.