FAQ: Compressor Air Systems: Not All Piping Is Created Equal

If you have ever set up an air compressor system, you’ll know that piping is one of the most crucial components to keeping the air moving consistently at a constant rate and pressure. If you are using inferior materials, your system can turn into a disaster. In this post, we’ll discuss the best and worst pipes you should utilize in your compressed air system and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

The Absolute Wrong Pipes to Use

PVC pipes are readily available at nearly every hardware store across the country. They can be great for plumbing applications, but you should avoid using them for compressed air at all costs. PVC pipes can’t handle immense pressure, and over time they will crack and become brittle which can lead to a catastrophe and a possible fine from OSHA.

Galvanized Pipes
These are also excellent for plumbing but should not be used for distributing any pressurized gas. The coating on the inside of the pipe meant for resisting water damage can flake off and become lodged in your tools and equipment.


Black Pipes
These pipes are very commonly used in many compressed air systems because they are cheap, readily available, and easy to install. Black pipes will work for a little while, but over time, they can cause rusting issues with pneumatic tooling due to their lack of internal coating.

Recommended Pipes

Copper Pipes
Copper not only looks aesthetically appealing, but it’s also strong and won’t contaminate the air passing through. The most significant downside to using copper pipes is in installation as they require soldering which can be both time consuming and difficult for the less experienced assembler.

Stainless Steel
If you don’t know how to solder pipes together or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle involved with copper pipes, stainless steel pipes are a great alternative. They provide strength and durability while also remaining rust and corrosion-free so your equipment or pipes won’t become damaged over time.

Infinity Piping Systems
Infinity pipes combine the strength of metal pipes with the cost-effectiveness of plastic pipes and are an excellent solution for both industrial and commercial installations. They utilize brass and nickel-plated fittings, which form a leak-proof seal around the pipes without the need for glue or solder. This lightweight system can be assembled by one person and will last for years.

Whether your system is for commercial or private use, using the right piping can save you money and headaches down the road. So design your system carefully, and choose your pipes wisely.