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Air Receiver Tanks


Tank or storage for the compressed air. If your air compressor doesn't come with a tank, we highly recommend that you get one. You should size the tank based on three to four gallons of storage per horsepower of the compressor.

Air receiver tanks are useful addition to your air compressor system, and they are recommended in almost every circumstance. They increase the storage capacity of your compressed air system, and that alone can make them invaluable, but they also do so much more.

Air receiver tanks remove temperature fluctuations and reduce the load on other components. They provide more consistent airflow, which eliminates pulsing and compensates for occasional surges in pressure. They also lower the energy costs associated with starting and stopping the motor.

  • Wet Receivers: Wet receivers remove moisture, installing them after the moisture separator works best, this will reduce the load on dryers and filters. They help remove contaminants, stabilize pressure and reduce pulsation.
  • Dry Receivers: Dry receivers can guard against drops in air pressure by storing air for sudden demands. This ensures reliable performance from dryers and filters. The dry receiver is placed after the air dryer.



If you have ever set up an air compressor system, you’ll know that piping is one of the most crucial components to keeping the air moving consistently at a constant rate and pressure. Not all piping is created equal and If you are using inferior materials, your system can turn into a disaster.

Recommended pipes:

Copper Pipes
Copper not only looks aesthetically appealing, but it’s also strong and won’t contaminate the air passing through. The most significant downside to using copper pipes is in installation as they require soldering which can be both time consuming and difficult for the less experienced assembler.

Stainless Steel
If you don’t know how to solder pipes together or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle involved with copper pipes, stainless steel pipes are a great alternative. They provide strength and durability while also remaining rust and corrosion-free so your equipment or pipes won’t become damaged over time.

Infinity Piping Systems
Infinity pipes combine the strength of metal pipes with the cost-effectiveness of plastic pipes and are an excellent solution for both industrial and commercial installations. They utilize brass and nickel-plated fittings, which form a leak-proof seal around the pipes without the need for glue or solder. This lightweight system can be assembled by one person and will last for years.

Whether your system is for commercial or private use, using the right piping can save you money and headaches down the road. So design your system carefully, and choose your pipes wisely.

Click here to read more about which type of piping is best for your applications. 


auto drains

Drain valves remove condensed moisture during operation. If condensate is not removed, the buildup can have expensive consequences.

Moisture buildup can wash away lubrication, and water getting into places it shouldn’t be can spell disaster. Too much condensate can cause rust and scale buildup and place a lot of stress on your air dryer and other components.

Your drain valve options are varied, and not every drain is suited to every application. Most available valves are rated for the most common temperature, moisture and pressure conditions. Some drains are better suited to dirty applications, and there are many ways to increase efficiency and decrease waste.

Click here to read more about drains or contact us to learn more.

Oil/Water Separators

Hertz o_w sep

Oil is collected, filtered and reused but eventually it needs to be drained and replaced. An oil/water separator helps filter out most of the oil from air compressor drainage which keeps you EPA compliant as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, defines expended oil as a pollutant, and places restrictions on air compressors regulating the amount of oil that can be discharged. This is specified as 15 parts per million, but applies widely to any amount that causes a sheen on the surface of wastewater. This applies to the runoff many compressors discharge in their drainage. Oil/water separators contain particles which attract oil and attach it to a filtering bed, reducing the amount of oil in the runoff to acceptable levels.

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