We’re legendary in Georgia for fast, reliable service from factory-trained techs scattered all over the state. No matter where you are – we’re close by! Call us now to get a technician to your facility TODAY! (404) 551-5456

24/7 Emergency Response

You can't afford to wait days or weeks to get your compressed air system back online! So we offer 24/7 emergency service. We'll drop everything to get to you fast - because your business can't wait!

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Preventative Maintenance Program

The smartest way to fix problems is to kill them before they show up. With our Preventative Maintenance Program, we stay ahead of the game with regularly scheduled maintenance that keeps your equipment from breaking down. Besides maintaining your equipment, our techs keep a lookout for any impending problems - and we stop them before they can stop you! And, we'll work to maximize the energy efficiency of your machines - saving you money on energy costs!

Our Preventative Maintenance Program includes:

  • No service fees
  • 15% discount off repairs
  • Free "Service Due" reminder service
  • 80+ point inspection (complete top to bottom)
  • New filters as needed
  • New synthetic lubricant as needed
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Air dryer service
  • Line filter service
  • Oil/water separator service
  • Drain cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • History tracking
  • And much more!

Find out how much our Preventative Maintenance Program can save you!

Just fill out the form below, and we'll show you how preventative maintenance will help you meet all your business' production and financial goals.

Equipment we service

We're Georgia's one-stop-shop for everything compressed air for your manufacturing plant, auto body shop, printing facility, and more. Atlanta Compressor services all makes and models of:

  • Rotary screw
  • Recip/piston
  • Industrial vacuum
  • Compressed
    air dryers
  • filtration
  • And much

You're in our service area

Atlanta Compressor is fortunate to have certified technicians all over Georgia that can get to you fast - from Savannah to Blue Ridge and anywhere else in our beautiful state.

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